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Agotex, originated from a textile tradition dating back to 1869 and established in 1980, has the aim of pursueing exacting markets that need higt quality standards.
It has the capability to manufacture nonwowen fabrics with exclusive features thanks to its modern production systems and machinery.
The production process is based on the stitchbonding tecnology and the peculiarity of Agotex is its ability to offer a wide range of products with aesthetic looks that can be “velours”,”velvet”,”loop”,”rib”,”mouldable and self supporting multi-layer with velours surface”,”felt” and others.
Most of our products have standard colours ready in stock for justin-time deliveries.
Some articles can have an unicolor look or a blended one that is made by mixing together fibres of different shades.

Standard Articles

Weight: starting from 80 grams/sq.m up to 770 grams/sq.m, depending on the products.
Thickness : between 0,8 mm and 5,5 mm.
To meet the needs of our customers, most of our articles can be thermosetted, back-melted or calendered.
Width : standard 150 cm.
Fibres Polyester, copolyester, polyammide, acrylic, wool in several deniers, colours and cut lenghts.

Non Standard Articles

Look Our R & D department is abletto formulate fabrics that fit customers’ requirements.
Colours Thanks to the synergies inside the textile district where Agotex operates, the dyeing companies of the surrounding region give the possibility of supplying in short terms coloured fibres in order to produce standard articles as well articles developped on special needs of our customers. The sophisticated fibre blending system allows Agotex to obtain fabrics using up 20 different kinds of fibre.

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